Saved by the bell

Jennifer Garner was cut from the Golden Globes last week - but she wasn't complaining. The Catch and Release star seems to have cultivated a habit of slipping when it comes to all things important. "I was supposed to present the clip for Little Children, which is a beautiful movie and I was really excited to present the clip, except I slipped the last time I presented at the Oscars and almost fell on my tookus," Garner explained. "I never get nervous doing stuff like that, but that kind of shook me a little bit... Then I was a bridesmaid this summer at my friend's wedding and I slipped going down the aisle in a big way. Then it started to be a psychosomatic thing... I was sure that I was going to slip, I was backstage, sweating, going over what I was supposed to say and I had taped my shoes onto my feet... They [the producers] came running back and said, 'We've run out of time! We're running late, can we cut you? We're so sorry! Are you upset?' I was like, 'That's great! That's fine! Sorry Little Children, but I'm thrilled to not have to walk out there!'"

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