Anna Nicole's will released

Details of Anna Nicole Smith's will are being reported on the web after the document was released today by a Florida court. The 22-page will, written in 2001 and not updated following the death of her son or the birth of her daughter Dannielynn, names Howard K. Stern as the executor of Smith's estate. Smith left everything to her son Daniel Smith, who would have received the estate in three parts, at ages 21, 25 and 30. The document was signed by Vickie Lynn Marshall (the former Playmate's legal name), and authorizes Stern to set up and oversee a trust on behalf of Smith's beneficiaries, as well as make investments on its behalf. The will does not specify where Smith wished to be buried, which is the subject of a bitter dispute between Stern, who claims Smith bought a burial plot in the Bahamas next to where her son Daniel was buried, and Smith's estranged mom Vergie Arthur, who wants her daughter buried in Texas. Smith's body is likely to be embalmed today after a Florida judge signed an order to have her refrigerated remains released.

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Tammy Scappoose or said...

Anna Nicole Lived a short and tragic life riddled with Love lost,Scorned, Addiction,ABUSE,
And Last but not Least She Was Victimized by Almost all who knew her.
She had very Few stable FRIENDS in her life she could count on who OBVIOUSLY CARED,........
Because He was ALWAYS there.
Even when she was a Bitch and Slapped the Shit out of him.
He always came back to Keep an eye on Anna.
Howard I Salute You,....
I Pray You Win and she is lay to rest WHERE SHE BELONGS`Next to Her Boy, Her Heart.
Fight for her,.I wish I could help.