Diddy investigated for Oscar-night punch-up

New daddy Diddy is the subject of an investigation by the LAPD for allegedly assaulting a man at an Oscar party on Sunday night. 27-year-old Gerard Rechnitzer was on his way to the parking lot at the Roosevelt Hotel at around 2 a.m. and stopped off to use the bathroom. He emerged to find his fiancee surrounded by Diddy and five other men, and approached to get his fiancee to leave with him. Diddy reportedly invited Rechnitzer's fiancee to a party he was having and when Rechnitzer asked his date to leave again, Diddy allegedly punched him in the jaw. Rechnitzer called 911, but by the time the LAPD arrived on scene Diddy had left. The LAPD are said to be looking into the matter.

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Anonymous said...

What the hell was taking this guy's fiancee so damn long to get away from Diddy and the guys. Obviously, she wanted to be there. Poor guy should have left the star struck bitch. Hope he presses charges. Diddy, or whatever he's calling himself today, needs to be taken down a notch.