Kirsten's backstage breakdown

According to Us Weekly, Kirsten Dunst might have had an eleventh-hour realization about her Oscar dress. Bumping into the Spider-Man actress on her way to the bathroom last night, Dunst told the mag, "I love this dress. Isn't it pretty?" of her Chanel ensemble, which showed up on more than a few worst-dressed lists today. Once back in the theater, Dunst was seen tugging at her frock, and reportedly told her friend, "I don't really feel relaxed. I don't want to spill water on this dress or you can see through it." Shortly before hitting the stage with Tobey Maguire to present, the Marie Antoinette star said to her friend, "I want to get this over with so I can relax. I can't f**k up my speech. I am presenting Best Screenplay and it will be career suicide if I f**k it up! I really need water. I just want to get out of here already!"

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