Liv weighs in

Gorgeous actress Liv Tyler spoke to Glamour about her struggles with her weight in the March issue of the mag. "I've been a model and actress since I was 14, so I've been on a diet my whole life," Tyler says. "But once I gave birth, I didn't want to think about myself or feel insecure about my career - I wanted to think about my child. So I stopped worrying about diets." Tyler admitted her joy at losing 10 pounds without even trying while filming The Strangers recently. "I've been eating like a pig," the actress said. "I think it's because I hired this chef on the set of Strangers to cook for me, and I ate a lot of vegetables and protein. Filming was also incredibly intense. We were supposed to be out of breath in every scene, so I would run around the stage to achieve that. I just went to Marc Jacobs and I bought a red dress in a size 4. I've never been a size 4 in my entire life!" Tyler also weighed in on the recent controversy surrounding superskinny models and Hollywood stars, saying, "I definitely think the girls look too skinny now. I'm friends with Helena Christensen and Linda Evangelista, and I remember Linda telling me that when she was a model, a sample size was a 6 or an 8. Now a sample dress size is a 0 or 2. That's pretty alarming. There's a lot of pressure on [models and actresses]. It's not healthy. I can't even imagine what that's like."

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