Owen and Kate hook up Down Under

Owen Wilson flew out to Australia recently to hook up with rumored girlfriend Kate Hudson. Despite repeated denials from the pair that they aren't an item, Wilson is said to have made the trip to surprise his You, Me and Dupree co-star on Valentine's Day. The couple were spotted hand-in-hand on their way into the back door of a theater for a pre-screening of Hudson's new film, Fool's Gold, but pulled apart and headed for separate entrances when they noticed a photographer. Wilson reportedly swore at the photographer and shoved him out of the way before rushing upstairs. "We were going to ask him for a photograph but when we saw him trying to ram the photographer we were too scared, and we couldn't even look at him," said a fan waiting in the theater's lobby in the hopes of glimpsing a few celebs. Once inside the theater, though, another onlooker said, "They were cozy - they chose seats together - and seemed relaxed although slightly nervous, probably because they were in public together. Once the lights dimmed, they chilled out a bit more."
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