The saga continues

A Florida judge has ordered Florida authorities to keep the body of Anna Nicole Smith until a DNA test has been performed. Smith's partner Howard K. Stern and mother Virgie Arthur are against the decision, arguing that the body will not be suitable for viewing purposes if it is not embalmed soon - a claim backed up by the Broward County medical examiner, who warned that Smith's corpse is decomposing rapidly. Lawyers for photographer Larry Birkhead assert that obtaining an accurate DNA test will not be possible if the body is released and moved out of Florida.

In other Anna Nicole news, her final film will be released on DVD in May. Illegal Aliens, a sci-fi comedy, stars Smith as one of three aliens who become "super-hot babes and arrive to protect the Earth from intergalactic forces of evil," according to press materials. The former Playmate reportedly invested in the film herself and was active in the scripting of her character. Her now-deceased son Daniel is listed as an associate producer. A spokesperson for the film's distributor says the timing of the DVD release is coincidental and that Smith had planned to be a part of its publicity campaign.
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