Thandie's environmental pleas ignored by celebs

Crash actress Thandie Newton is hoping to change the world - one celebrity at a time. Newton wrote letters to a host of A-listers, including Madonna, Jack Nicholson, David Beckham, Tom Cruise and Chris Martin in the hopes of convincing them to trade in their SUVs for hybrids. "I didn't get one letter back," the actress says. "I wasn't judgmental. It was like, 'In case you didn't know here are some facts about the environment and reasons why it turns out 4x4s aren't that great to have in the city.'" The actress has also set her sights on persuading Oprah to go green. "I was staying with Oprah recently and I suggested that she switches her whole fleet of cars," Newton said. "I really hope she does. It would do so much good."

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