Angelina escapes abduction

Angelina Jolie told a British paper that she avoided an attempted abduction in a foreign country she won't name. "It was in a small village. I won't say where, or with whom, but some gangsters planned to kidnap me and extort a massive ransom," the UN ambassador said. "I was warned at the last minute, and managed to escape, luckily." Jolie said of her humanitarian work, "I don't want to act like the Mother Teresa of Hollywood. But I want to help where there is poverty and destruction. I love Brad very much and our trips we pull together as a team. Things only get difficult when it affects our children." The Tomb Raider actress credits her role as a mom with rounding her out as a person. "It made me feel like complete woman," she says. "At times in my life I was lost, without a purpose, now I'm more grounded."


Anonymous said...

The fact that Angelina mentions the name Mother Teresa in the same sentence when talking about herself just makes me ill. How dare she even compare herself. I dont feel sorry for her almost getting kidnapped. I doubt if it is true. Angelina is on a pr mission right now.

Anonymous said...

Sick. Any story for a bit of publicity. That and buying kids like other people buy icecream. How saintly.