Anna Nicole to be buried Friday

Anna Nicole Smith's burial has been scheduled for Friday morning in the Bahamas. Smith will be buried in a custom-made gown before 300 guests at 10:30 a.m. Friday. The location of the funeral service has not been disclosed, but Smith will be buried next to her 20-year-old son Daniel. "It will be a very beautiful Anna Nicole send-off," said a friend of the former Playmate. "Of course it will be over the top because it's Anna Nicole." In other Anna Nicole news, John Travolta claims Smith could have been saved if she'd followed the teachings of the Church of Scientology. "It's so sad," said Travolta, who co-starred with Smith in the movie Be Cool. "We could have helped her with Narconan but didn't get a chance to. I wish we had." Narconan is Scientology's controversial drug and detox treatment program - a program that has been questioned by a number of health professionals. A toxicology report has yet to be released on Smith.

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Lies said...

Watching the lawyers and liars picking through her bones is giving me quite a chuckle. It's like a liar-fest.