Desperate Housewives gardener in rehab

Desperate Housewives actor Jesse Metcalfe checked himself into rehab earlier this week. "On Monday, March 19, Jesse Metcalfe entered a rehab facility to deal with alcohol issues," said his rep in a statement. "He realized he had a problem and was anxious to deal with it immediately. The actor, best known as the hunky gardener on the ABC show Desperate Housewives' and the star of the film John Tucker Must Die, hopes that the media will allow him the privacy to deal with his treatment." (Was it really necessary for his rep to use this opportunity to showcase his client's resume?) Reports surfaced earlier in the week that Metcalfe had been banned from the Mondrian Hotel after abusing staff during a weekend binge.

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animepunk said...

Not to be mean or rude,but he's not that big to be making this kind of annoucement. These celebs who aren't doing anything going to rehab,is tired. He hasn't done anything big and he isn't al that rich. He needs to focus on getting acting jobs and get his head out of the bottle.