Hilary's kindness gets her out of traffic ticket

Hilary Swank's recent good deed helped her get out of a speeding ticket. The Oscar winner was learning lines at an LA bakery and helped a woman with her groceries when she noticed all the staff were busy. Days later, Swank was pulled over for speeding on the Pacific Coast Highway by a cop who had witnessed her efforts. "He goes, 'Hey, Ms. Swank... You know what, you were speeding...but I'm gonna let you off for being a Good Samaritan,'" Swank said of the incident. "I said, 'What? What did I do?' and he said, 'I was at that bakery a few days ago when you got behind the counter and helped that woman, that actually happened to be the judge of Malibu.' The moral of the story is, if you're in a bakery and they're short-handed, get behind the counter - you never know when it's gonna help you out."

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