KFed takes the kids to Vegas

Kevin Federline managed to maintain his role of primary caregiver to sons Sean Preston and Jayden James this weekend despite a long-scheduled public appearance in Vegas. Federline arrived at the Mirage Hotel & Casino on Saturday with Sean and Jayden as well as a nanny, his mother, brother and two bodyguards. "Kevin was really low key," said a source. "You could definitely tell he was on his best behavior. He was having a good time, but wasn't the wild, crazy Kevin who used to come to Vegas." The soon-to-be-single father was late for a family dinner a Japonais restaurant, said the source, "because he wanted to tuck his kids into bed." The insider admits that Britney Spears's recent troubles have forced KFed to mature. "He wakes up with a purpose each morning and has enjoyed his family being around him," says the source.

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