KFed wants $25,000 for his birthday

Kevin Federline seems to be hoping to keep the ball rolling in terms of the positive press he's been receiving lately. After estranged wife Britney Spears began having a very public breakdown, Federline said he was hoping to stay out of the limelight. However, insiders say the would-be rapper has been shopping around the weekly tabloids in the hopes that one of them will fork over $25,000 for "exclusive" rights to cover his upcoming birthday party. The "intimate cocktail and dinner party with celebrity friends" will be hosted by the Eleven club in West Hollywood on March 21. "The celebrity magazine will get its logo on the red carpet and exclusive coverage inside the club," said a source. "But who cares? Everyone will have access to the red carpet. And there aren't even any big celebs confirmed for inside the party." A rep for KFed confirmed the party info, but had no further comment.

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