Lindsay spotted drinking while avoiding her father

After Lindsay Lohan's father's release from prison this week, the Mean Girls actress was reportedly so worried he would show up at a club where she was DJing that extra security was hired. "We went to great lengths to make sure Lindsay was safe," said the owner of NYC hotspot Plumm, where pictures of Michael Lohan were given to doormen to prevent him from sneaking in. Lohan was spotted sipping Grey Goose vodka from a water bottle for most of the night, according to sources inside the club, despite having recently completed a stint in rehab. "I saw waitresses carrying two Grey Goose bottles away about 12:20 a.m. so her table didn't appear to have tons of alcohol, but she was spotted pouring another bottle of vodka into a water bottle and sipping from that while smoking," said a witness. "She made little attempt to hide this."

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