New couple? Rachel and Hayden

New couple alert: Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen were spotted feeding each other lunch in LA earlier this week. The pair were accompanied by Bilson's friend, who kept herself occupied but chatting on the phone during the meal. After lunch, the Star Wars actor drove Bilson home, and the couple were seen grocery shopping the following day. Hayden and his OC cutie met while filming the movie Jumper together.


Anonymous said...

They are not a cute couple at all. GO BACK TO ADAM RACHEL! You were way better of.

Anonymous said...

Hayden come on! You should be with me!! Hello! I wonder where your brain has gone sometimes! I still love him, so blah! He needs to serioulsy grow his hair out like in star wars 3! He was and still is to die for!

Me Christensen

Anonymous said...

They Make A Good Couple.
If U Two R Really Going Out Then Show Some Love To Each(Holding Hands,Kissing...etc.)