Alec Baldwin on The View this Friday

Also in View-related news, it has been announced that Alec Baldwin will appear on the show this Friday. After Rosie O'Donnell expressed sympathy for the actor earlier this week in relation to the public release of his anger-fueled voicemail to his daughter, Baldwin called O'Donnell and expressed an interest in doing a possible phone-in segment on parental alienation. The 30 Rock actor was convinced to come into the studio to do the segment in person. Baldwin also announced this week that he has parted ways with his agents at the Creative Artists Agency for "personal reasons." The actor's rep did not elaborate.

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Danielle said...

I am so glad Alec is able to speak about this. It is about time that someone is allowed to give their story publically. The courts do very little to stop PAS. Parents should be allowed to see their children and no one should stand in the way, especially the other parent or step parent. I support Alec and his attempt to expose this type of behavior. I also believ that if someone stand between visitation of a child and parent, they should face the consequences for these actions.