Amanda talks motherhood

Amanda Peet made her first official public appearance yesterday since giving birth to her first child, daughter Frances Pen, in February. At the opening of Oscar de la Renta's new West Hollywood boutique, Peet said, "I'm very busy with my baby - I have to get back to my projectile-vomiting baby. In the beginning, it's very, very hard because you're so sleep-deprived. But she just started smiling three days ago, so I'm on cloud nine right now." Of she and husband David Benioff's new little family, Peet says, "I think we want more [kids]. He wants three, but I'm old, I'm an old lady. Two is enough!" Benioff has definitely been pulling his weight in the daddy department. "Changing diapers - he's actually doing the night feeding," says Peet. "He's letting me sleep right now. The hardest part is being so monumentally sleep-deprived."

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