Halle upset with mag for dredging up old story

Halle Berry is upset with Parade mag for regurgitating a ten-year-old story about her suicide attempt. "It wasn't my wish to into all of that again in this time of my life," the Perfect Stranger actress says. "I talked about it on Larry King Live and Oprah when it was relevant, and I felt like it was important to help other women and share it with them... Back in the day, I did feel empowered when I told that story and I felt, 'This might help somebody because I survived and I learned a lot.' But it's just not where I am today and I really hate that it's been presented like this... I'm in such a great time in my life right now it wouldn't be my wish to really revisit that period, but this outlet did and made it seem as if it were current again... Because I have a movie out some magazine has sensationalized some old material and it's not something that I want to talk about. It's ten years old and I'm so past it."

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