Hugh wins lawsuit

Hugh Grant won a suit against a British newspaper publisher over stories published in February making false claims about his relationships with ex-girlfriends Elizabeth Hurley and Jemina Khan. The About a Boy actor accepted an undisclosed amount in damages and plans to donate the money to a local cancer charity, according to his lawyer. One story alleged that Grant's relationship with Khan ended over a flirtation with a movie exec, another claimed the actor would attend Hurley's wedding and had sponsored a chimpanzee at a British zoo as a present, and a third described Grant as resentful for having to do publicity for his films. Grant said in a statement that he sued because he was tired of papers "publishing almost entirely fictional articles about my private life for their own financial gain... I'm also hoping that this statement in court might remind people that the so-called 'close friends' or 'close sources' on which these stories claim to be based almost never exist."

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