Kate's copycat collection

Kate Moss has created a buzz of controversy for her upcoming Topshop clothing line. Moss was paid close to $6 million to design a signature line for the British retailer, but it seems the model looked no further than her own closet for inspiration, with some pieces looking practically identical to stuff made by other designers she's worn before. "You can almost see the paparazzi images in your head," says the fashion director for Harper's Bazaar. "It's self-referential," says the marketing editor at Business Week. "Who is she other than all those pictures from before? Do we really expect her clothing to be what's in Kate Moss's brain? No. We expect it to be stuff she's worn before." In an ironic twist, retail tycoon Sir Philip Green has issued a warning to other retailers about ripping off Moss's Topshop collection. "Everything's copyrighted and I will sue," Green has said. "We've made a big investment and we don't want it undermined."

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Anonymous said...

It´s quite embarrassing. This stuff fits only her and some models. Every "normal" girl looks ridiculous.