Kirsten stands up to Blondie fans

Kirsten Dunst has spoken back to Blondie fans who are upset that the actress will play the iconic singer in a new film. Online chat forums have been swamped with complaints from Debbie Harry fans who claim Dunst doesn't look like Blondie nor is she tough enough to play the role. "Debbie chose me for this role so anyone who disputes this can take it up with her," Dunst told a British paper in defense of the casting. "I'll work hard on this character because she is the coolest woman of all time."


Delta Dawn Davenport said...

I have loved Debbie Harry since 1978 and I think it's an excellent casting choice. I always liked Kirsten because she already reminded me of Debbie. Debbie, herself, PICKED Kirsten to play her. What does that tell you? Who are these anal retentive losers complaining that Dunst is nothing like Harry? I'm aware that a good portion of Blondie's fan base are decrepit, scary, old, obsessive, leathery sea-hags but I had no idea they were all blind as bats.

Let me put this out into the universe for Miss Dunst: I cannot wait to see your interpretation of my hero, Debbie Harry.

Emily said...

I'm SOOOO Sick of people hating on Kirsten Dunst.I'm not a super-fan or anything but I think she's a fine actress. The only people talking trash about her are the morons who follow Perez Hilton's word as gospel. She'll do a great job playing Debbie Harry... and with a little Hollywood magic, I'm sure she'll look much like the legend.

Anonymous said...

uh oh sounds like someone wants to get in kiki's pants!

Anonymous said...

From the moment, she awoke in Brad Pitt's arms and said "I want more!" in Interview With The Vampire, Kirsten has had me hooked. I have been a fan ever since and feel she will do an excellent job portraying Debbie Harry. This will be a role she can really sink her teeth into. Pun intended.