Larry Birkhead cashes in on fame

It seems there's a strong motivation behind Larry Birkhead's multiple appearances on Access Hollywood and other NBC shows - the former photographer reportedly signed a secret $1 million deal with the network. According to an insider, Birkhead inked a contract with NBC Universal shortly after the funeral of ex-girlfriend Anna Nicole Smith. "NBC Universal has an exclusive contract with Larry Birkhead and we don't discuss the terms of our deals," a rep for NBC station Bravo confirmed. Birkhead is reportedly flying back to the U.S. from the Bahamas with baby Dannielynn today. "They'll be on board a Bravo-funded plane along with Howard K. Stern and the network is planning some kind of big interview," says an insider. "NBC Universal made the deal with Larry right after the funeral. NBC did it through their entertainment division so there wouldn't be any uproar about it coming from news."

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Anonymous said...

Well, since he currently owes at least $620,000 in legal fees fighting for his own daughter I say more power to him.