Manson has new soulmate in young actress

Marilyn Manson gushed about his relationship with 19-year-old actress Evan Rachel Wood to a French newspaper, telling Le Parisien that he has found a new soulmate. "I've found my double, my twin, with my new girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood," the shock rocker said. "She's nineteen and certainly that's young, but that's not a problem for me. She likes the same things as me. She understands I like to get up when night falls and go to sleep at dawn." Of his split from former wife Dita Von Teese, Manson said, "I was married to someone who wanted me to change. Become more adult, more responsible. I began not to like myself, not like what I do. I lost my identity. Everything began collapsing around me. The record allowed me to put an end to that. Dita left at Christmas while I was recording... Our relationship ended at Halloween. I was completely destroyed psychologically. I'd rented a house and begun working on this disk, which sort of tells everything that happened to me during the past year." Manson was in Paris to promote his new album, Eat Me, Drink Me.

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