On the town

Seen on the scene:

  • Nick Lachey shared a stage with Tom Arnold at a charity event in Vegas last weekend, where the two were auctioning a Ferrari for the Dance to Erase MS benefit in Century City. "This is a great car - I have one of these," Lachey told the crowd, but was unimpressed when Arnold quipped, "When did you get one - in the divorce settlement?" Lachey bluntly replied, "No, since the settlement."
  • Jessica Biel supped at Chinoisery Philippe in NYC on Tuesday night, where she was overheard telling two girlfriends about her new film with Nicholas Cage.
  • Ryan Gosling walked the red carpet at the premiere of Fracture with him mom, sparking more questions about the status of his relationship with Rachel McAdams. When asked, Gosling said he had "no idea" if he and his Notebook co-star were still an item.

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Anonymous said...

Why don't the media leave Ryan alone already. He told them already that they are over. He is not the first and not the last to end a relationship.