Out and about

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony in London

Jessica Simpson heading to a West Hollywood tanning salon

Angelina Jolie out with pigtails

Kirsten Dunst at the London premiere of Spider-Man 3

Jake Gyllenhaal at a dog park with his dad

Jessica Alba, Katharine McPhee, Hilary Duff and Jewel at the Movieline Young Hollywood Awards

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber at the opening night of Frost Nixon in NYC

Hilary Swank with her boyfriend/manager in Venice, CA

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Anonymous said...

Angelina seriously has some ugly legs. She has spiraled downhill. She has that "I just went off the deep end again" look on her face.

tangie1979 said...

what is with hilary and the fugly guys.the lowe brother looks 10 times better than this dude.