The saga continues...

Alec Baldwin pre-taped a segment for The View today and said he asked NBC to let him out of his 30 Rock contract so he could devote time to the issue of "parental alienation," but the network refused. "If I never acted again I couldn't care less," Baldwin said in the appearance, scheduled to air Friday, and added that he also wanted to quit to prevent the sitcom and people who work from being "hurt by the situation." Barbara Walters asked the actor about the angry voice mail he left for his daughter. "You didn't mean to say it to your child?" asked Walters, to which Baldwin replied, "Well, there's nothing wrong with being frustrated or angry about something. It's the way you do it and as people often do in this world I took it out on the wrong person because I'm unable, under the current dynamic, to address the other person... I realize that was wrong." Walters asked, "You said it to your daughter but you meant it for your ex-wife?" Baldwin agreed: "Well, I think that goes without saying, quite frankly." When asked whether he had spoken to his daughter Ireland since the incident, Baldwin did not comment, citing "ongoing procedures and so forth." The Departed actor has a book coming out about divorce litigation, and said he plans to take "three years or five years, it doesn't matter" to focus on the problem of divorce and parent alienation. A source close to Baldwin confirms he will fulfill his obligation to 30 Rock and NBC.


Louise said...

Parent Alienation is a serious problem for todays families going through divorce.

However it is not limited to divorcing parents alienating our children.

The Courts haven't been able to save these children, I pray the public can!

Future generations "Our Children" are being mentally destroyed, there are numerous "Target Parents" that have commited suicide from the overwhelming tortue, the alienator has caused.

In my opinion Parent Alienation is worse than any epidemic we have seen in the past, and needs to be stopped NOW!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this child is alienated from Alec because of his hostile behavior.
He seems to want to blame everyone else for his problem. He needs serious help with his mental issues.

JimBones said...

Parental Alienation is very real. One only needs to be witness or victim to the behavior to fully understand it and how anger and frustration can be redirected. I am a father of four, coached youth sports for 12 years and was actively involved in my community. I organized travel basketball, soccer and baseball in competitive sports leagues. I provided for 90% of our children's needs cooking, cleaning, homework, home improvements, etc. Then came divorce. A litany of false allegations and actions were enued by by wife. e.g. restraining orders keeping me away from the children and home, keeping me from attending school events and activities, preventing me from calling them by phone, false allegations of abuse, continually telling the children I am no good and that I don't love them, planning activities for the children when I had visitation, the list goes on & on. The courts support it because judges, lawyers and other court system personnel feed off the money. Parental alienation is abuse and is caused by an insecure parent whose sole objective is to harm the other parent. The unfortunate part is the parent usually doesn't understand what they are doing to the children, don't care what they are doing to the children and unaware that it will only come back to harm their own relationship with the children when the children get older and better understand what the alienating parent did. Children need both parents. Shared parenting is the only answer.

Anonymous said...

Kim Basinger was an agoraphobic the majority of her life. She has had mental problems as well. While Alec does seem to have anger issues his wife is just as mentally unstable in other ways.

This battle with Kim with respect to her keeping his child away from him has been ongoing for many many years. It has been very publicized.

Back in the 80's batshit crazy Kim bought an entire town in Georgia and let it go to total shit. She was in an ongoing legal battle with the citizens of that town for a while because she likes conflict.

Just because Kim is a beautiful woman does not mean she is immune to mental problems. Dig into her background if you must, but it is the truth.

She is as much to blame as Alec. These are two adults that act like spoiled toddlers. They both need counseling. Kim should be more ashamed at the fact that she has time and time again used her daughter as a pawn for revenge. What a mom!

Dads Info said...

Parental Alienation Syndrome and Alec Baldwin

I hadn't even heard of Parental Alienation until a few weeks ago, although I have experienced it both as a child of divorce, and as a divorced parent.

Then, about a month ago, my company, Conference Call University was asked to produce a Teleseminar event called “Being A Better Dad”.

One of the topics in this four-part course is Parental Alienation Syndrome, to be discussed with Dr. J. Michael Bone, an expert in the matter.

With the recent spotlight on Alec Baldwin, and his newly-announced fight against Parental Alienation, this information seems more timely than ever.

The blogosphere is blazing with all manner of opinion and thoughts on this matter, but I can’t wait to hear what Dr. Bone, a real expert on the subject, has to say about all of this.

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