Anne Heche fights back in divorce case

The divorce battle between Anne Heche and Coley Laffoon got even uglier this week, with the Men in Trees actress accusing her estranged husband of craving porn, poker and money. In papers filed in LA Superior Court, Heche asks for full custody of the couple's 5-year-old son with visitation privileges for his father are requests that Laffoon's plea for spousal support be denied. Heche alleges that though Laffoon claims to be a stay-at-home dad, he leaves their son Homer "with nannies and babysitters while he plays ping-pong, backgammon and poker and views pornography online... He holds a poker game at his home every Thursday night and allows Homer to participate." Heche also says Laffoon bragged to her Men in Trees castmates that he "knew each strip joint" in Vancouver, where the show is filmed. Laffoon filed papers earlier this month requesting custody of Homer as well as $33,000 a month in support, alleging that Heche is delusional and unhinged.

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