Britney's buzz cut is "model" material, says a dancer

The question on everyone's minds of late has surely been...what's going on under Britney Spears's wigs?? Well, according to one of her backup dancers, the popstar is rocking a pretty hot buzz cut. "She looks so good she should model," the dancer told a Vegas paper, adding that Spears has been rehearsing two new songs, describing them as "amazing." After a series of short sets at House of Blues venues in California and Las Vegas last week, her rep is keeping quiet about whether Spears has any more shows coming up soon. Pussycat Dolls Robin Antin caught the popstar dancing last week, and says, "I'm just so happy for her right now. She's been working really hard. She choreographed all of those shows herself. She's such a talented girl."

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Anonymous said...

I am a breast cancer survivor and the week that I began losing my hair from chemo is when Britteny shaved her head out of a desperate need for attention. Needless to say...I have no pity for her. She is a disgusting piece of white trash!