Gisele hangs up her wings

Don't look for Gisele Bundchen in the pages of your next Victoria's Secret catalog. The leggy supermodel is reportedly hanging up her wings because the lingerie company wouldn't pony up her demands for a $5 million-a-year salary. "Her demands were outrageous," says a source. "She got a new lawyer who was unrealistic. Victoria's Secret doesn't care. They have five new hotter, younger girls debuting next year. And they won't have to deal with any craziness." Reps for Bundchen have not commented, but her sister Patricia confirmed the news to the Brazilian website Glamurana.


Anonymous said...

Good! She's made too many demands believing that she was the shit. Leonardo's woman, Bar, couldn't even work for Victoria's because this bitch threatened to quit. Well goodby.

Anonymous said...

Good. I'm so glad lol...she went downhill fast