Jessica just a goofy girl

Jessica Alba says that despite her sexpot image, she's just a silly girl at heart. "People think of me as just a sexy girl," the Fantastic Four actress tells InStyle mag, "but I'm really goofy - like, super goofy... I had womanly curves at a young age. Usually kid actors are a few years older than the roles they play. I was two or three years younger," she says of her Dark Angel role. Alba also admits to a bit of a rebellious streak: "I love challenging authority. It probably wasn't easy being my parents. The second somebody says no to me is the second I'm going to jump up and say yes." Of the possibility of starting a family, the actress says, "I'm not the easiest person to hang with. I'm away a lot, and it's an unconventional life. But if I could find a partner, that would be best. I probably won't have kids without one... My parents taught me about unconditional love, because you have your ups and downs, but you stick through it. I learned a lot from that, and I know that kind of love is possible... My parents made a forever commitment, and I know that's what I want."

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