JLo under attack from animal activists

Jennifer Lopez is getting some slack about wearing fur, which she does frequently. The singer has reportedly been getting letters from animal-rights activists threatening "to kill her in public, just like the slaughtered animals whose fur she wears." According to a source, Lopez initially ignored the letters, dismissing them as crazy junk mail, but husband Marc Anthony is taking the threats more seriously. "He has hired two off-duty police officers, in addition to her usual security team, to watch over Lopez whenever she makes public appearances," says the source. A rep for Lopez, however, denies the claims, saying, "[Lopez] has had the same security team she has always had."


Anonymous said...

Eat an animal a day keep the Doctor away. That any animal!!!!

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to a person's rights?! Eat an wear what the fuck you want!!!

Anonymous said...

she did once say on a radio station that she has no idea where and how fur clothing is made.