John gets Papa Simpson's approval

Jessica Simpson's dad seems to be taking a healthier approach to her new relationship than he did with her former husband Nick Lachey. "If Jessica is in love, I love the things she is in love with," Joe Simpson says of his daughter's relationship with John Mayer. "I want her to be happy. I'm always a fan of his. I love him - he's got great music... I think the beautiful thing is that [Jessica and John] don't do the same thing. He's a legend already. There's no competition. He's a guitarist, that's his thing. Jessica is a singer. She doesn't play guitar, so there's no competition.



Anonymous said...

Hello,There is no compition .....She Can't SING....Oh, You must have forgotten....Give it up ...You are such a looser father...Your the reason she will never have a Successful Relationship....Not her compition, It's YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jessica's dad doesn't interfere in her sex life anymore like he used to when Jess was married to little dick Nick. Nick was no competition for the frog, but John is because he's a multiple grammy winner. Joe likes him because he's a legend while big tittie Nick is a struggling former boy band singer looking for his place in the world. Can't stand none of them!