Katie endears herself to coworkers

Katie Holmes is endearing herself to the cast and crew of Mad Money by making sure all 200 of them are well fed. On Friday, for the third week in a row, Holmes brought in a special treat for her coworkers in Shreveport, Louisiana. "We got cupcakes," said a cast member. "They were good, too." On April 27, Mrs. Cruise brought in 300 ice cream cones, and the next week it was pizza flown in from Chicago. "It was a lot of pizza," said another coworker. "We had veggie, sausage, pepperoni. It was good pizza." Holmes's husband Tom Cruise has also been making the rounds on set, introducing one-year-old daughter Suri to cast and crew. "They all truly could not have looked happier," says a source, who described Suri as "just as happy as could be." "They were just like any other family in the South."

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