Sting and wife found guilty of discrimination

Sting and his wife are in trouble for firing their chef for being pregnant. An employment tribunal ruled on Thursday that the woman had been unlawfully dismissed by Lake House Estate, Sting and Trudie Styler's management company, and was a victim of sexual discrimination. The 41-year-old chef worked for Sting and Styler for eight years, but says Styler began treating her unfairly after she became pregnant in 2005, forcing her to work long hours and expressing anger when she took time off work due to illness. The woman described Sting as having a "grandiose ego" and eventually left her post in April 2006 in light of the working conditions. The tribunal found that although Styler "had tried to distance herself from various unlawful acts and then have them carried out by minions on her behalf, when the evidence is looked at holistically, her involvement is clear. She is without doubt the driving force manipulating others to perform her dirty work." Styler announced that she and Sting planned to appeal the ruling.

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