Trouble in paradise for Lindsay?

It seems Lindsay Lohan and new beau Calum Best have hit a rough patch already. The pair had a public screaming match at NYC's SoHo Grand on Monday night that began in the penthouse and ended in the lobby. "Calum's clothes were torn, and after a few minutes, they got back into the elevator and went back to their room," says a witness. The "screamfest" may have started over Best's slimy behavior at Cipriani Downtown the previous night, when he was reportedly "collecting numbers from all the models" behind Lohan's back. A friend of the Georgia Rule actress was overheard saying, 'All her friends with Calum would go back to London. He's just using her."

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Anonymous said...

They are both usine each other!

I had to laugh about Lindsays mum saying Calum would be great husband material!!
He is such a sleaze he couldnt give a stuff about Lindsay and is just using her for her money and publicity.