Angelina: "I am a very lucky woman"

Angelina Jolie is still gushing over her relationship with Ocean's 13 star Brad Pitt. While promoting A Mighty Heart, the actress and activist told a British paper, "I am a very lucky woman. I have a beautiful family and Brad is a supportive friend and a great father. And he is very romantic. We talk very deeply about how we feel. We're very similar. We support each other and back each other as parents. There is no divide... When my mother died Brad held her hand and helped me through all the stages of dealing with someone dying. After the funeral Brad brought everyone back to the house and asked questions about our mom. He focused on all the love and all the joy we were fortunate enough to have had. He is an extraordinary man."


Anonymous said...

"I'm a very lucky woman. I've managed to steal two cheaters away from their fiancé and wife - and I'd do it again any time"

Laura Darner of North Carolina said...

I think she IS lucky, she has a beautiful child because of this relationship. I am sorry it appeared to break up Brad's marriage to Jen, but lets be honest, you can't steal something that is wanting to go. Seems to me he was looking for something more then he had at home and apparently Jolie is just that. I really do hope they make it.

But lets be fair, just cause it happened the way it did. You can't post something like that and really believe he didn't have anything to do with it.

I wish them and their family the best they can have. I would love to see them make it.

BTW I am a wife and mother myself of 16 years myself!

starlight said...

angie you are not good enough to be a woman all you are is a man-stealer and for laying on your back.