Britney's mom "brokenhearted"

Lynne Spears is said to be "brokenhearted" over the recent rift in her relationship with her daughter. Photos surfaced on the web yesterday of Britney Spears handing her mom papers on the set of a photoshoot in Valencia, California. Rumored to be a restraining order, the papers were later identified as a letter from an out-of-state lawyer. When asked by paparazzi agency x17 what the papers were, Lynne joked, "It's a love letter," before clarifying, "She did not serve me." Lynne "has cried her heart out over the trouble between her and Britney," says a family friend. "She is brokenhearted. She wants her baby to be okay and to bring her grandkids home to Kentwood and raise them in a normal environment." As for what caused the rift, the source says, "I think Britney is angry that her family got involved in getting her into rehab."

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