Lindsay serious about rehab this time

Looks like Lindsay Lohan is taking her recovery from drug and alcohol addiction seriously this time. A friend close to the star reveals, "She is staying in Promises for longer than a month. We don't know how much longer because of her work schedule, but she is taking rehab very seriously this time and not messing around." Lohan's official 30 days at Promises is up by the end of this week. Her rep declined to comment.



Anonymous said...

No - this is a ruse to make people think she is serious. She can't get insured anymore on movie sets. As soon as she is out - it will be back to the same.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention all the legal problem she will have coming up with all these accidents and hit and run incidents. Her lawyer is very smart and is in damage control at this point. This girl was out of control, now... sweet n pure Polly! I a'int buying it!