Paris calls E! News from jail

Paris Hilton may want to turn over a new life, but she has yet to curb her appetite for media attention. The socialite took a break from staring at the walls to call E! News's Ryan Seacrest, and says she has come to appreciate "things I took for granted" and from now on hopes to use her fame "in a good way." "I'm so much more grateful for everything that I have, even just to have a pillow at night or food," Hilton said in a phone interview. "You know my gratitude has gone up so much and I just realize that the media used me to make fun of and be mean about it. Frankly [I'm] sick of it and I want to use my fame in a good way." Of her stay in jail, the heiress said, "I am behind glass and I want to give my dad a big hug and they won't even let me do that. That's how the rules are, you have to be behind glass. I'm not a criminal, I'm not dangerous, so it makes me feel like that. It's hard but I'm stronger every day... I just can't wait to see my family and have a nice meal and be in my own bed and appreciate all the things I took for granted and never really thought much about."

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Blog It said...

I have to admit that I'm sorry for her.The crime didn't really meet this harsh of a punishment, but She simply has to realize that she needs to just do her time quietly.