Paris gave interview the day she was released

I know we're all insanely sick of Paris Hilton, but it's a pretty slow news day so far... The recently-freed jailbird spoke to People mag yesterday at her grandfather's Bel Air mansion just hours after her release. "Thank God I'm free!" she said. "Just being able to hug my mom felt so great, and I really needed it cause I haven't had a hug in a long time." The heiress gave a candid interview about her stay in prison:

Of her first sleepless nights in jail: "I was basically in the fetal position, basically in hysterics."

Of fellow inmates: "All of the inmates were very supportive. There were girls next to me. We could talk through the vents and they were just really sweet."

On her medical condition: "The doctors were observing me while I was there. They explained to Sheriff Baca that they thought I was having severe anxiety, panic attacks, claustrophobia."

On people who doubt she will change after her experience: "They're wrong and they don't know me. I'm a compassionate person. I have a big heart. I'm sincere, and they'll see."

Of course, if you want more, just tune in to Larry King tonight.

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