Paris "has some severe problems" says sheriff

Paris Hilton is being held in the medical wing of the downtown L.A. Twin Towers Correctional Facility after being ordered back to jail yesterday. During a press conference yesterday afternoon, Sheriff Lee Baca announced that the socialite's sentence is now back to the reduced 23 days and that during her three-day imprisonment at the Century Regional Detention Facility, her "medical condition was deteriorating and we didn't know how to fix it." Baca also revealed that Hilton had been on medication prior to beginning her sentence last week, but was not taking any while in jail. "This is the evidence that this lady has some severe problems," Baca said, waving a one-page medical evaluation. "We have her in the correctional treatment center - that is a special wing. I am not going to say exactly what her mental problem is." TMZ is reporting that Hilton plans to appeal her sentence and that the appeal will be filed on Monday.

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