Paris released to home confinement

Paris Hilton has been "reassigned" from prison to her Hollywood home due to an undisclosed "medical condition." The heiress was released shortly after midnight last night, and is wearing an electronic monitoring device. "She was transported out of her by us, there was a transference to her attorney, and then she was taken home," said an LA County Sheriff's department spokesperson at a press conference this morning. "She was not released, she was reassigned." The sheriff's rep would not provide info about Hilton's reported medical conditions, citing privacy laws. She has been credited with five days of jail time after beginning her sentence close to midnight on Sunday, and will spend 40 days confined in a 3,000 to 4,000 square foot range in her home. The sheriff is not worried about public perception following Hilton's "reassignment," saying, "It doesn't matter how we look, really. We just hopefully do our job and do it professionally, with a sense of humanity."

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