Paris skips cavity search while brother is mugged

Paris Hilton continues to make news - even from behind bars. A source told the New York Post that the socialite wasn't subject to the standard cavity search all incoming prisoners are given. "Paris didn't have to go through the cavity search," the source said. "When bent over, she didn't have to cough. She didn't have to spread 'em." The source also reveals that while Hilton underwent the booking process, staffers at the prison cleared the booking area. However, it seems the heiress's special treatment ends there - deputies turned away a dozen red roses and a fruit basket with a card reading, "I hope you're OK. Call me when you can. Don't feel bad, remember you're Paris Hilton." It has also been reported that Hilton's brother Barron was mugged at knifepoint near Penn Station in NYC early Monday morning. "One guy had Barron at knifepoint, and the guards got out and chased away the guy with the knife," says a witness. "The attackers didn't get any money. Eventually Barron and his friends all piled into a cab."

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chismosa said...

what crap. if i got locked up you bet your ass i'd have all my holes checked and double checked. what makes her holes safe from being invaded by disgruntled wannabe female cops?