Paris's first post-pokey interview on the Today show

NBC has reportedly agreed to pay $1 million for Paris Hilton to give her first post-prison interview on the Today show. According to insiders, Hilton will sit down with Meredith Vieira the day after her release from jail next week. ABC is said to be infuriated, after banking on Hilton spilling all to Barbara Walters, who has become a close friend of Hilton's mom, Kathy. NBC Universal head Jeff Zucker called the socialite's father Rick personally to make the pitch. The heiress will speak only to Vieira due to "disparaging" remarks about her made by show co-host Matt Lauer. Hilton's rep said he "can't confirm or deny" the story.

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Anonymous said...

What has Paris Hilton done to help this world or contribute to society? Now she wants to PROFIT for her own breaking of the law by demanding $1 million for the first post-jail interview. And, just as bad, NBC looks to be meeting that price. Is this one screwed-up society, or what? One way to put an end to this nonsense is to boycott NBC. And yes, it IS possible to do so. I would venture that there are plenty of folks who won't see another Tom Cruise movie because of his stand against psychiatry, or conservatives' another movie with "Hanoi" Jane Fonda.