Rosie to publish tell-all memoir this fall

Rosie O'Donnell plans to dish about her controversial year in a book called Celebrity Detox, due out this fall. The controversial former chat-show host spoke at BookExpo America and explained that her long-delayed memoir will not be "vindictive" or "mean-spirited" but will be a candid portrayal of her life. "It is, in fact, a drug," O'Donnell said of fame, and told the crowd she'd watched peers radically transformed by celebrity, to the point that they could be compared to "crystal meth" addicts. O'Donnell's book, which she describes as "half blog," half "straight," was initially expected a few years ago, but she decided it wasn't quite "cooked."



Anonymous said...

who gives a s--t,about that loser.

Anonymous said...

yeah... she's not quite "cooked" either.

Anonymous said...

I just pray, PRAY I tell you, that she'll have an editor go over it for spelling and upper case letters.

Love her and her blog but the "i am trendy because i dont use punctuation or capitalize" thing is way past tired.

Anonymous said...

I definitely care, she rocks shit up and speaks her truth. kudos!