Ali Lohan's take

Lindsay Lohan's 13-year-old sister Ali has spoken out against her father Michael, claiming he was an absentee dad and that he is responsible for Lindsay's self-esteem issues. The younger Lohan sent the following email to 24sizzler.com:

"Hi david this is ali lohan, i want everybody to know the truth out there. My mom is a single mom of four children she has always been there for us, she was my mother and father and still is. My father is telling all lies to people and saying he was such a great dad and was always there for us, my father was never there for us, My mom was always there souporting [sic] us. i think that the whole reason why my sister is upset with her self and not as cofident [sic], is because of my dad not being around, and always staying out late and not coming home for days, he would come back home never himself, he was always was making excuses for his bad behavior. And would always blame my mother. He just wants everybody in the world knowing that he was a great dad. He wasnt that is all a lie. I just want my sister to stick throught [sic] this okay, and my mother and brothers and i are there for my sister 100% and have always been. I've wanted to say this for so long and get this out there and let everyone know that our family is like a normal family but of course we are put under a microscope because of lindsays fame, lindsay will be fine she is just going through a rough time right now but she will be fine. i know this for a fact. My sisters is just like a normal sister. her and I have so much in common. My mother and sister are huge insperations [sic] to me, they have made it through so much in there lives.
Thankyou for your time god bless, Ali"

Okay, you have to feel somewhat sorry for these kids, considering how f-ed up their parents seem to be. Still, shouldn't Ali's "momager" have recommended a proofread?


Anonymous said...

"momager" ? Haha... this is so true !

Anonymous said...

Hey dye her hair blonde, put a cocktail in her hand and you have triplets. Stay in school kid and learns to spelz :)I know 10 year olds that have better diction

kesha said...

hey ali this is kesha here.i know what it feels like i think that you and your family is going through a rough time.if you use the time you have and talk to all of your family then you will get through it slowly.but it may seem like your worst nightmare.if you have no-one to talk to then you can always call me on 82549696 ok well have fun love kesha.

Anonymous said...

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