Anne Heche's ugly divorce battle

The bitter divorce between Anne Heche and Coley Laffoon continues to worsen, with furniture now at the center of the battle. In papers filed in LA Superior Court, Laffoon alleges that Heche took a number of items from the couple's former home while he was away, including the master bed and yoga-room rugs, and that he "discovered that [Heche] had gone into my closet and ripped the buttons off of 19 of my shirts and removed some of my pants." The former videographer has requested that the court order Heche to return the property and prohibit her from removing anything else. Heche denies the claims, insisting the items she took were hers before they were married. "All of the furniture, furnishings, artwork, etc. that was acquired during marriage and paid for with funds earned during the marriage remains," the actress says in court documents.

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