Leo behind "green" reality show

Discovery Communications has partnered up with Leonardo Dicaprio to help them launch their Planet Green channel. Dicaprio will executive produce a 13-part series called Eco-Town, which will chronicle the "green" rebuilding of a small town in Greensburg, Kansas that was devastated by a tornado in May. Greensburg will be rebuilt as a "sustainable model of eco-living and one that will save it from future environmental catastrophe." Dicaprio will also serve on the board of advisers for Planet Green, which is set to launch in 2008.

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Mala Lopez said...

Leonardo Dicaprio huh? I cant wait I love him.

I grew up in Greensburg and my parernts lost almost everything they had there excpet their bar and family. This is going to be something very interesting to watch and Im looking forward to it. GO LEO!