Lohan 911 tape

Authorities have released the 911 call made early Tuesday that led to Lindsay Lohan's arrest. The call is believed to have been made by the mother of Lohan's former assistants, who had picked up her daughter from the same gathering the actress was attending. Listen to the whole transcript at TMZ:

911: "Santa Monica Police, what's the emergency?"

Caller: "Yes sir, I'm on Montana. Is he behind you? Is he behind you?"

911: "Where are you?"

Caller: "Right now we're on 7th and Wilshire. We were just about to park our car, we were turning home, and out of nowhere, a huge white GMC came up and... We're at 4th and Wilshire, we're coming down right now, we're being followed by a white GMC, the gentleman jumped out of the car, and OH MY GOD, SIR, THEY'RE FOLLOWING US. WE NEED HELP."

911: "Where are you?"

Caller: "Right now we're on Arizona... Oh my God, are they following us? Okay, right now we're on Santa Monica... We're driving to the police station right now... We're at 4th and Broadway. We were just coming home...and all of a sudden he came down a side street... We're driving to the police station...sir, please? The gentleman came out of his car. [inaudible] AAAAHHH, oh my God! What is he doing? Oh my God, oh my God... Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! [Screaming...police sirens in background].

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Anonymous said...

Aside for the fact that Lohan needs to spend a little time in jail, why didn't the 911 operator hear when the caller said where they were.